Blue rubber casters bolt hole, M66BSB-4”/5”/6”/8”, Medium Duty Caster Wheels, Caster Wheels

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Blue rubber casters bolt hole

Blue rubber casters bolt hole

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Blue rubber casters bolt hole

Material:Elastic rubber wheel with nylon core
Size:Option:Ø100mm x 36mm,125mm x 36mm ,150 x 40mm,200mm x 50mm
Bearing: Ball Bearing
Type: Swivel Plate,Rigid,Threaded stem,Hollow Kingpin
Caster No. Wheel  Material Bearing Bolt Hole Height Loading
M66BSB-4 100 x 36 Elastic Rubber Ball Bearing 12.5 127 200 kg
M66BSB-5 125 x 36 Elastic Rubber Ball Bearing 12.5 149 230 kg
M66BSB-6 150 x 40 Elastic Rubber Ball Bearing 16.5 175 280 kg
M66BSB-8 200 x 50 Elastic Rubber Ball Bearing 16.5 228 350 kg

4 inch blue soft rubber wheels, 6 inch blue soft rubber wheel, industrial blue rubber castors
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