Super heavy duty casters wheels, YL73SP-6"/8"/10", Nylon Caster Wheel, Sort Caster Wheel By Material

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Super heavy duty casters wheels

Super heavy duty casters wheels

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Caster Size:Ø150 x 75mm * 2pc ; Ø200 x 75mm * 2pc ; Ø250 x 120mm * 2pc 

Load weight:5000kg/pc ,5000kg/pc , 12000kg/pc
Wheel material: Molybdenum nylon
Wheel frame: High strength steel
Steer portion with plane bearing
Twin wheels design make the swivel more easy on narrow condition
Work temperature:-20~80 centi-degree
Can match direction lock
Molybdenum nylon Feature: Low friction,high strength,ensure wheel wear resistance  and non deformation.
Caster No. Wheel  Material Bearing Plate Mount Hole Height Loading
YL73SP-6 150x75*2 NYLON Ball Bearing 175 x 140 140 x 105 16.5 251 5000 kg
YL73SP-8 200x75*2 NYLON Ball Bearing 175 x 140 140 x 105 16.5 238 5000 kg
YL73SP-10 250x120*2 NYLON Ball Bearing 270 x 270 210 x 210 26 413 12000 kg

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