Scaffolding castors wheels, SCFD13-5"/6"/8", Scaffold Caster Wheel, Industrial Caster Wheels

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Scaffolding castors wheels

Scaffolding castors wheels

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Name:Scaffolding castors wheels

Material: PP,TPR
Size available: 125mm x 50mm ; 152mm x 50mm ; 203mm x 50mm
Loading Capacity: 180kg-250kg
Solid Stem Size: 25/35mm x 100mm Long
Widely used as scaffold rack casters wheels,Scaffolding tower casters,scaffold caster wheels
Caster No. Wheel  Material Bearing Stem  Height Loading
SCFD13-5 125 x 50 PP + TPR Plain 25/35 x 100 155 180 kg
SCFD13-6 152 x 50 PP + TPR Plain 25/35 x 100 192 200 kg
SCFD13-8 203 x 50 PP + TPR Plain 35 x 100 239 250 kg

8"scaffolding castor wheels, Swivel scaffold castors, 6inch scaffolding castors wheels
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