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Scaffolding caster wheels with aluminum threaded stem

2017-09-03 21:32:35

    For a long time we only produce steel threaded stem scaffolding casters, and now according client’s request we developed the aluminum threaded stem scaffold wheels

What’s the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum threaded stem scaffolding wheels?
    Let's talk about the advantages firstly:
 1: Aluminum scaffolding wheels have lighter weight, that’s enable scaffolding movement and transport more convenient and effort
 2: High strength 
 3: Aluminum threaded stem will not rust, use life will be longer than steel stem
Disadvantages are mainly   
The price of aluminum material is higher than that of iron
We are now mainly produce 6” and 8” aluminum thread stem scaffolding caster wheels. Customers can choose their own scaffolding wheel according to their actual usage and budget.