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Trolley casters different alignment method

2017-05-25 23:42:13

 A. Use three same height swivel trolley casters: Suitable for low weight load and narrow aisle.The mobile device can be free to move in all directions. But difficult to guide when moving in straight. This casters alignment may cause tilting of the transport equipment.

B. Use four same height swivel casters: Suitable for narrow aisles,Trolley can move in all direction free. Can load heavy weight and move stable,but it's hard to control direction when moving straight.
C. Use two rigid casters and two swivel casters:the most commonly caster aligment way,suitable for traction operate,Can easy guide the trolley when move straight or turning. But it's can not steer in narrow passageway flexible. 
If do not use rigid casters,you can also adopt mount two wheels on one axle.
Choose above alignment method according to work condition and control-able request.
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