Central locking casters Lock cam angle, Main information

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Central locking casters Lock cam angle

2017-03-26 22:39:25

    In order to meet user’s variety design requirement,we have two version 30 degree and 45 degree lock cam angle.

    For now most of our new clients are TENTE brand user,they purchase new central locking casters to replacement bed casters,or build new design medical devices. 
    So there are have another potential problem.All TENTE brand central locking casters are with 45 degree lock cam angle.Then you will also need purchase same lock cam angle from us. So can ensure our new central control casters can work on existing existing central lock system. 
    But if user are building a new design bed,then both 30 and 45 degree lock cam angle is OK, Just need adjust the lock pedal welding angle position.
Please check below photos as reference.
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