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Adjustable Leveling jack scaffolding casters wheels

2017-03-22 04:01:03

Below is one of our regular type adjustable leveling jack scaffolding caster wheels..

Double steel ball raceway in swivel head

Locking both the wheel and direction simultaneously

Double pedal design

Wheel size option: Ø150mm,Ø200mm

Load weight:300-400kg

Screw stem:Ø38mm x 300/400/500mm long, Customize available

Adjustment leveling through adjust the nut & lock in position with lock pin on the nut.

        Now we add a locking spring on the top of stem.That’s enable the scaffold casters can locking itself in the scaffold tower pipe. So can ensure hold inside the scaffold tower pipe tightly. To avoid screw stem loose and slid out. Safety and more convenient.

       If you need such scaffolding casters with leveling leg and feet .Please contact us freely.