Detail Model Number of Central locking caster wheels, Main information

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Detail Model Number of Central locking caster wheels

2017-01-10 20:57:03

      On the current market there have have two types of central locking caster wheels.


1. Double wheels central lock casters

2. Single wheel central lock castors


       And according to different lock stem size and lock cam degree, they have several sub-models. Below is detail model number for twin wheels central lock casters, and single wheel central lock casters

Photo Wheel  Lock Stem Lock Cam Model No.
  Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCTPRL-5-2B-1N1T
Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRL-5-3B-2N1T
Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRL-5-3B-1N1D1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCTPRL-6-2B-1N1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRL-6-3B-2N1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRL-6-3B-1N1D1T
  Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCTPRS-5-2B-1N1T
Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRS-5-3B-2N1T
Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRS-5-3B-1N1D1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCTPRS-6-2B-1N1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRS-6-3B-2N1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCTPRS-6-3B-1N1D1T
  Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWL-5-2B-1N1T
Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-5-3B-2N1T
Ø125mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-5-3B-1N1D1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWL-6-2B-1N1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-6-3B-2N1T
Ø150mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-6-3B-1N1D1T
Ø200mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWL-8-2B-1N1T
Ø200mm Ø28*95mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-8-3B-2N1T
Ø200mm Ø28*95mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWL-8-3B-1N1D1T
  Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWS-5-2B-1N1T
Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-5-3B-2N1T
Ø125mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-5-3B-1N1D1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWS-6-2B-1N1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-6-3B-2N1T
Ø150mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-6-3B-1N1D1T
Ø200mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1 Total lock  (45o) SCLCSWS-8-2B-1N1T
Ø200mm Ø32*50mm x2 neutrals + x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-8-3B-2N1T
Ø200mm Ø32*50mm x1 neutrals + x1direction lock+ x1 Total lock (45o) SCLCSWS-8-3B-1N1D1T


     Above are detail specs of lock stem size and lock cam degree specs, About how to select casters for you bed ?

Please see our another instructure of Central locking casters lock selection

You can check specs of central locking casters to find out suitable model that your design requested. If have any other question pleaes contact us freely.  ; skype: