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Advantages of cast iron polyurethane casters

2016-11-21 19:37:14

What is cast iron polyurethane casters?
   Polyurethane, or TPU, is the abbreviation of Thermo-Plastic Urethane.Molded on the cast iron hub.And Joint with specialize glue
The cast iron cast polyurethane casters have the following advantages:
1. Has excellent high tension, high tensile, toughness and anti-aging, is a mature environmentally friendly materials.
2. Compare other plastic materials TPU have high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, oil, water, anti-aging,features.
  At the same time it has a high water permeability, antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet and energy release and many other excellent features.
  Due to above advantages cast iron PU caster wheels usually used as heavy duty casters,on trolley,forklift,and other heavy mobile equipment.