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Different between TPR and PU wheelchair caster wheels

2016-10-10 07:36:54

      At current the most popular wheelchair front caster wheels material are TPR and PU.How to choose correct wheelchair wheels material? OK before you make decision you should know the different of them.
*TPR wheel is hard than Pu foamed wheelchair wheel. So PU wheel have better function on shock absorbing. So the user should be more comfortable with PU foamed wheels.
*In order to improve the PU foamed wheels shock shock absorber usually have thick tire,And TPR wheel have less thick tire.
*As usual TPR wheel is cheaper than PU foamed wheelchair wheel.So if consider purchase cost firstly you should select TPR wheels.
*Both of them are solid wheels,so they are easy maintain. And used as manual wheelchair wheels.
Of course there also have Pneumatic wheelchair caster wheels, But they are usually use on eclectic wheelchairs
Above are some point of the different between two kind of material wheels.For more info please contact us freely.