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Caster wheel's main function and classification

2016-09-28 20:01:52

    Caster wheels mainly use on trolley,mobile scaffold,workshop cart,hospital furniture area, and other industrial field.
    The casters are constructed of a wheel mounted on a bracket for installation under the device to allow free movement, Casters are divided into two kinds
1 . Fixed caster wheels,mount wheel on a rigid bracket and can only move in a straight line.
2. Swivel caster wheels,mount wheel on a 360 degree steering bracket,free to any direction.
There are have many kinds of wheels,accord to different size,model and wheel tread.User need select suitable wheels to take following conditions.
A: Work condition
B: Product total weight
C:Working environment which contains chemicals,blood,grease,oil,salt and other substances
D:Various special climate,such as humidity,high temperature or cold,anti shock,collision and running in quiet requirements.
If you are being confuse how to select casters for you products. Please contact us freely.We will provide you best solutions. ;