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Twin wheels swivel caster with total lock

2016-08-27 04:56:36

 Today let’s introduce our NEW development medical twin wheels swivel caster.
* Available size is Ø75mm and Ø100mm.
* Adopt polyamide wheel frame and top quality PU wheel
* Swivel bearing with two precision ball bearings
* Thread stem: M10 or M12
* Load weight:110kg/pc and 150kg/pc
  Most of 3 inch & 4 inch twin wheels medical caster on the market.Load capacity usually can reach 60kg/pc and 80kg/pc. And this load level can only used to light weight medical trolley,furniture or devices.
   Compare common casters,this new model dual wheels medical caster can load heavier weight & more durable.But price also higher than common types.
   Any company who need high load capacity twin wheels medical caster could contact us for more information.I believe the quality is worth you pay for.