150mm and 200mm Extra heavy duty castors, New Products

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150mm and 200mm Extra heavy duty castors

2016-07-12 08:43:06

   Compare heavy duty casters,Extra heavy duty castors can load more heavier weight. Usually use 8mm~20mm thickness metal fork. Widely used on logistic trolley and mobile equipment.

    Our new model extra heavy duty caster,adopt plain ball bearing and double ball bearing on wheel,the design allow caster load extra heavy weight & perform perfect and safety.

We are now have two model of wheels,polyurethane mold on iron cast wheel and poly-amide wheels.

*Wheel size available:Ø150mm x 50mm and Ø200mm x 50mm
*Load capacity:1000kg,1400kg.
*Caster type: Fixed,Swivel only,Swivel with rear brake,Swivel with both rear brake and direction lock.

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