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Zinc plated casters or Chrome Plated caster wheels selection

2016-05-25 23:22:43

     Galvanized and Chrome plated is caster wheels bracket's common surface treatment. Many people still not very understanding between galvanized and chrome plated. Because of the surface color is quite similar.Some company deceive consumers.Obviously, most consumers are not quite understand the difference between galvanized and chrome.

     Then how to judge the difference between two surface finish?

First: Color difference

      Zinc plated bracket is a bit bluish white, shiny but not very bright, after passivation treatment, can be made blue white zinc, Choi zinc and other colors; chrome surface are bluish white color, that is, more than galvanized chrome bright colors, chrome colors like a mirror of the same brightness

Second: Function differences

     Galvanized plating surface only coated with a layer of a few microns to tens of microns of zinc metal.Which is the iron-based anodic coating has a certain electrochemical protection.Chrome plated surface is plated a few microns or ten microns or more single metal layer of chromium, has excellent abrasion & rust resistance performance.

Third:Cost difference

     Galvanized low cost, and the cost of chrome price is relatively high, as well as aspects of artificial maintenance of the plating process and electroplating process material from the plating process used chrome processing better than zinc processing costs is higher. Therefore, in the same paragraph casters wheels, chromed bracket will be slightly more expensive than the price of galvanized bracket.

     Thus, the majority of consumers in the choice of appropriate casters. In addition to selecting a suitable environment for the terrain of the material, but also consider the surface treatment, When you have high demand on appearance and rust resistant, you can choose chrome frame, If need less cost, you can choose galvanized.


                Zinc Plated caster wheels                                              Chrome plated caster wheels