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How to select hand pallet truck wheels

2016-02-28 08:20:18

     In current day,hand pallet truck become more and more popular.We almost can see them everywhere on our daily life, Such as supermarket,warehouse,factory or road. They running indoor and outdoor.

But how to select hand pallet truck wheels? Nylon pallet truck wheels,Or polyurethane pallet trolley wheel?

Here xinchen tell you the difference between nylon and PU pallet truck wheels. 

* Nylon wheels is hard and better wear resistance.
* Easy to push with less force.
* Nylon wheel will make noise because of hard wheel surface.

* Polyurethane wheel have soft PU tread and with good wear resistance
* Need little more force to push
* Can reduce the noise during running due to soft PU wheel. 

     For now the most common Hydraulic trolley wheel include, PU on iron wheels,Rubber molded on iron wheels,Pu on aluminum core wheels,and full nylon wheels.User can choose difference wheel accord to their work condition.

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