Sell single wheel and twin wheels central locking casters, Main information

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Sell single wheel and twin wheels central locking casters

2013-06-13 01:34:24

 In order to make client select more convenient. Here we list two sheet of specs sheet.Which include both 

* Single wheel central locking casters---5inch,6inch and 8inch model 

* Twin wheels central brake casters-----5inch and 6inch model 


 We are being re-design the twin single wheels & dual wheels central lock casters now. Will present our client a better & more fashion products.

 And beside of above you also need how to Select Central locking lock casters. Due to lock cam there have 30 degree and 45 degree lock degree. For detail model numer of each type, Please read another instruction " Detail Model Number of Central locking caster wheels"

Any question Or when you need purchase these casters please contact xinchen freely. ;