Caster Wheels, PU Caster, Polyurethane Wheel, Nylon Casters

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XinChen Hardware & Plastic Products Company

The XinChen is known for its speed, precision and presence. At our Enterprises, those are the same qualities we strive for every day. For more than a quarter of a century, we have built our reputation by producing Caster wheels, Pu wheels and relative injection parts...
XinChen Caster Wheels Co. China supplier. Manufacturer & exporter of casters and wheels including mini duty casters, light duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy duty caster wheels, PU caster, polyurethane caster wheels, nylon casters, rubber casters, plastic casters, Widely used as furniture casters, chair casters, hospital furniture caster wheels,machinery, medical equipment wheels, shopping cart casters, trolley wheel, industry and more. 

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